The Pinks N Blues CIC

‘Enabling you to return to some sort of normality for you.’

The Pinks N Blues CIC, incorporate in 2015, provides support for families who have experienced pregnancy loss.

What is The Pinks N Blues?

Founder and Director of The Pinks N Blues, Catherine, found that whilst hospitals and medical staff are able to provide physical support for women who have experienced pregnancy loss, the knowledge around the mental health issues that can be linked to this is lacking and emotional support for families is not available.

As a result, Catherine started The Pinks N Blues as a voluntary organisation to support those who have experienced pregnancy loss pre-24 weeks, running two pregnancy loss support groups.

The organisation now hosts six pregnancy loss support groups across Birmingham and Solihull, with demand for more. All the support groups are facilitated by people with lived experience and work to support people in finding the best way for them to cope, understanding that everyone copes differently. The groups help people to understand that it is OK to grieve and speak about their experiences.

The organisation also campaigns hard to provide better and consistent bereavement support for families.

Since 2015, The Pinks N Blues has supported over 400 bereaved parents, as well as giving support, information and guidance to hundreds of healthcare professionals.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The funding from LoveBrum will enable The Pinks N Blues to train more volunteers to meet the growing demand for more pregnancy loss support groups. There will be a number of volunteer opportunities, but all volunteer peer support facilitators will be required to have lived experience of pregnancy loss to ensure the organisation can offer continuity in delivering support.

The newly trained volunteers will be able to support attendees with a variety of issues including trying to conceive again and signposting them to additional clinical support services.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about The Pinks N Blues?

Catherine MacLennan, Director

Tel: 07595 840 775


You can find out more about The Pinks N Blues via their website. You can also follow The Pinks N Blues on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.





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