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The IAG Job Club, Sutton Coldfield, was officially launched in January 2010 to help the local Community with getting back into work!

What is The IAG Job Club?

The IAG Job Club has been set up by two friends, Mike and Barry, who were aware that there was very little provision in the North of the City for people seeking work. Most jobs are now advertised online, but there are a large number of people who need help to access computers. Unfortunately, local Job Centres are unable to always offer this help. A decision was therefore made to try to fill this gap by setting up the IAG Job Club.
As people have been made redundant, it has become clear to the IAG Job Club that more and more older people are in need of the type of help offered there. Over the past four years, they have written more than eight hundred CV’s and their register records show that they saw 1840 people alone in the IAG Job Club in 2015. During this period, they have helped over four hundred people get into work!
Sutton Coldfield can be seen as an affluent area and as such, is not eligible for many government schemes to help people with things like getting back into work. There are, however, areas of quite severe deprivation and the IAG Job Club work with many people from such areas. The need is for support in getting into work, such as by assisting people to access job vacancies online, help to complete job applications, provide help with CV’s, confidence building and interview techniques. They can also signpost their clients to other providers, such as where they can obtain benefits’ advice, help for carers, and access to solicitors. The IAG Job Club welcome everyone, whatever their ethnicity, whether they live in Sutton or not, or whatever age. The IAG Job Club can also help clients who may already have a job, but is looking to change.
Most clients are referred to the IAG Job Club from the local Job Centre in Sutton Coldfield, but they also receive word of mouth referrals.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

If the IAG Job Club secured the funding, they would love to be able to extend the services offered to their clients by enabling external sources to come along to the Job Club once a week to offer any additional advice if needed – Parents could have access to Mentors who work in Schools about any issues relating to their Children, and Carers who are looking to get back into work would be able to speak to members of Carers UK about their experiences for example. The funding would also mean that their equipment (laptops etc) could be replenished and maintained so that clients could continue to use them to get the help they need when looking to get back into work.

Where can people go to find out more about The IAG Job Club?

For more information about The IAG Job Club, please contact: Barry Connolly, Director.
Tel: 07792 046 557  Email:
You can find out more information about The IAG Job Club by visiting their Website.
The IAG Job Club is also on Facebook and Twitter.

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