The Geoff Horsfield Foundation

The Geoff Horsfield Foundation started in 2016 and aims to provide a measurable service with a sustainable impact on homelessness, vulnerability and its echo effect on the local community. The Foundation prides itself on providing quality, safe and secure housing accommodation for vulnerable adults who have fallen through the current support network.

What is The Geoff Horsfield Foundation?

Geoff Horsfield, one of the most respected sportsmen in the West Midlands, founded this project when he felt that he had a debt of gratitude to the local community. In May 2016, the Foundation opened its first project, a female only accommodation based in Erdington. The Foundation is now aiming to open a second housing project to help vulnerable adults who may have fallen through current support networks.

At the centre of this project are the more vulnerable, challenging people. After carrying out research, the Geoff Horsfield Foundation felt that their housing needs weren’t being met. The Geoff Horsfield Foundation provide quality, safe and secure accommodation for vulnerable people who have fallen through all current support network by doing the following things:

  • They wish to represent best value rather than best price, which will be measurable by the cost savings and time draining of resources on statutory services.
  • They will also provide 24 hour onsite support in a safe environment enabling staff to contact specialist services, ensuring intervention prior to crisis and prevent an unnecessary demand on emergency services.
  • They will enable a cohesive approach to include access to specialist services which will be available to all vulnerable members of the local community.
  • They will deliver a community of support which respects a person’s right to privacy, respect, dignity and fulfilment, and encourages vulnerable adults to maintain links with family and friends and develop new links within the local community, whilst maintaining and developing their independence.
  • The Geoff Horsfield Foundation will benefit the whole community, and all relevant bodies, including Public Services, such as the Police, Community Mental Health Teams, Emergency Services, Neighbours, Prisons, Hospitals, Mental Health Services, Homeless Services and Birmingham City Council.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

If The Geoff Horsfield Foundation would put the money towards the Health and Safety specification of the project, to ensure the safety and needs are met of vulnerable adults who will be living there.

The money would also ensure that essentials could be provided for the vulnerable adults helped, and also some funding could be put towards taking the adults away to the seaside, something they may not have done before.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about The Geoff Horsfield Foundation?

Geoff Horsfield, Managing Director

Tel: 0121 384 9622


You can find out more about the Geoff Horsfield Foundation by visiting their website. You can also follow The Geoff Horsfield Foundation on Facebook and Twitter.

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