The Choir with No Name

“The Choir is a really essential part of our members’ lives.”

The Choir with No Name meets once a week at St Martin’s Church, and their aim is simple – meet once a week for a cuppa and a catch up, sing their hearts out for an hour and half, and sit down together afterwards for a hot meal cooked by volunteers, often the only hot meal some of their members will have.


Who are The Choir with No Name?

The Choir  has been singing and supporting people impacted by homelessness and marginalization for over a decade and attracts people of all ages, from 18-80. The majority of the members are based in Birmingham, either born here, resident or are homeless/sleeping rough in the city. They currently have 47 regular members. In addition to homelessness, members live with a variety of challenges, including physical and learning disabilities, mental health issues, and lifestyle related health conditions. 25% of Birmingham members reported having an issue with addiction. Many members struggle with poor coping mechanisms, low self-esteem, difficulty with social interaction and lack of trust in the system. 

They operate an open door policy, welcoming people of all ages, ethnicities, races, backgrounds, gender Identities and sexualites, and use the arts to address the most common reasons someone might find it difficult to move on from homelessness, such as social isolation, low confidence and lack of skills for work and life. 

Their mission is to empower as many homeless and marginalized people as possible to showcase their talents, build personal resilience and positive, joyful singing communities

The Choir is so much more than a group of people singing together – they are a family where a conventional one may not exist; a vital support network for people going through a tough time; a joyful group of good friends, supporting each other to flourish and grow. Members join  when they are going through a tough and often traumatic time in their lives. Finding a safe, non-judgemental community where they can leave their troubles at the door, have fun and find a place to belong among people they trust, can be the catalyst for building the resilience, confidence and life skills needed to get back on their feet and away from homelessness. 


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 funding would help to ensure  the weekly rehearsals and activities can continue, and support the successful delivery of the  key ongoing choir activities of empowering rehearsals, uplifting performances and pastoral support for choir members. Giving members hope, opportunity and a place to belong in which to flourish and grow.


Where can people go to find out more about the Choir with No Name? 

Sally DeBlage, Choir Manager.

Tel: 07794 100938



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