Sustainable Life Birmingham

‘We can turn this into a space that the community can use and really enjoy.’

Sustainable Life Birmingham work within the community, particularly children, vulnerable adults and schools, offering workshops that focus on helping people to become self sustainable.

What is Sustainable Life Birmingham?

Sustainable Life started out as a private workshops company, teaching people new skills such as foraging, basketry, outdoor cooking, earth ovens etc. They quickly realised, however, that the people who wanted to attend were unable to afford to do so, and the people who could, didn’t need the skills as much. They decided to do something more worthwhile, and now work in the community with those who will really benefit from learning new skills. 

Sustainable Life Birmingham work on a variety of community projects across Birmingham, focusing on growing and gardening skills, and sustainability skills.

The organisation have also secured a garden behind a local shop that had remained untouched for 20 years. With the help of volunteers, the team have cleared the majority of the rubbish and rubble and started to clear sections of the garden ready for planting. 

The volunteers are a mixture of local residents, some who don’t have access to any garden space and want to see a disused space put to good use as a place where children and adults can enjoy themselves and improve their wellbeing.

What will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

With the funding from LoveBrum, Sustainable Life Birmingham could bring in even more volunteers, and purchase additional garden supplies to complete the garden transformation. This includes compost, seeds, plants and plant pots, wood chip, gardening tools and skip hire to clear the rest of the rubble.

Once the garden is ready for the public, Sustainable Life will use this as a space for the whole community and start to run open days. They hope for the first open day to be an affordable and accessible Santa’s Grotto for those who wouldn’t normally be able to afford this.

Where can people go to find out more about Sustainable Life Birmingham?

Stephanie Adelaar, Vice Chair & Volunteer


Tel: 07831 301 437

You can find out more about Sustainable Life Birmingham via their website. You can also follow Sustainable Life Birmingham on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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