Summerfield Stables

Summerfield Stables is a community group that has been established over forty-three years. Its aim is to encourage children and young people in the Yardley Wood area of Birmingham to understand and interact with horses. The young people who visit the stables are mostly between the ages of seven and fifteen and come from the surrounding areas, including Hall Green, Balsall Heath, Kings Heath and Billesley. The stables also encourage children with both mental and physical disabilities. The organisation is not for profit and run solely by volunteers with no paid members of staff.

What is Summerfield Stables?

Summerfield Stables aims to increase the confidence and practical skills of children and young people through working with the horses. They believe that working with animals helps them to learn, follow instructions and work as a team. Many horses at Summerfield are rescue animals, so there is an organisational focus on re-schooling. M ost of the horses, however, enjoy competing in local shows on a fairly regular basis and the experience for young people is very much like owning their own ponies, whilst learning to share and help others at the same time.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Following a theft, Summerfield Stables would like to buy a converted shipping container in order to create a secure area to store saddles and equipment. They will also use this facility as an office and classroom for young and disabled children to come inside during the winter, keep warm and learn at the same time.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Summerfield Stables?

Find out more about Summerfield Stables via their website. You can also follow Summerfield Stables on Facebook.


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