Street League

Street League is a leading sport for employment charity. At Street League, people play sport everyday whilst learning the key skills to move into work.

What is Street League?

Street League has a vision to see an end to youth unemployment. Street League operates across Birmingham and they have 10­-20 week long programmes which support unemployed 16-24 year olds, allowing them to gain the key skills and necessary qualifications to move into a sustainable job or further training. Street League deliver employability services through sport, offering a growing range of activities designed to appeal to different groups of young people. Sport is integral to making Street League work as it brings people together, enabling them to feel physically and mentally healthier, teaches key skills such as discipline, communication and team work, and is one of the most powerful engagement tools when working with hard to reach young people. Street League are focused on helping young people achieve sustainable change in their lives.

Young people come to Street League in various ways. They can be referred by unemployment offices and other social services outlets, youth workers, the probation service, through word of mouth, or via social media channels and refer a ­friend schemes. Throughout the programme, staff develop relationships with their service users, talk about their aspirations and encourage them to join an academy course. This course lasts approximately two months and, although it is classroom ­based, sport remains an integral part, giving students the skills and support they need to progress into education, training or work, with the support of Street League.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The funding would help to promote Street League Birmingham through putting on events where young people can have a taster as to what they can expect from the programme. At the moment, Street League reach out within the local community, through job centres and at alternative education schools so the funding would allow Street League to spread into the much wider community.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Street League?

Nithee Kotecha, Operations Manager

Tel: 07580 995 461


You can find out more about Street League by visiting their website. You can also follow Street League  on Facebook and Twitter.

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