Steps To Your Healthy Future

‘It’s about the simple changes, and the support, to get people to feel a lot better.’

Steps to Your Healthy Future is a charity working to support those with long term conditions, such as diabetes. The organisation is community-based and brings people together to offer mutual support from those with similar conditions.

What is Steps to Your Healthy Future?

Steps to Your Healthy Future was formally established in late 2017, although founder, Kate Walker, had been working with people with diabetes for several years. 700 people are diagnosed with diabetes each day, with over 100 amputations taking place each week as a result of the condition. Diabetes is an invisible condition that slowly causes life altering complications. It was once seen as an older condition but more and more people in their 20s, and even children, are being diagnosed with diabetes each day.

After noticing that there was a huge gap in the support available to those with diabetes, Kate started to run coffee groups to provide additional support and access to health professionals. As the demand to run groups in other areas grew, it become clear that something had to be done to support more people in different areas of Birmingham. The groups are run by a trained professional in a variety of languages and a minimum of two nurses who can provide professional advice.

Steps to Your Healthy Future promotes and preserves the good health of people and supports them to make small, and manageable, changes in their life that can have a huge impact on their condition and general health.

Not only do the Steps to Your Healthy Future support groups teach people how to manage and improve their condition, but they try to tackle the growing problem of social isolation by bringing the community together and providing a place for people to speak to others who understand.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2,000 will allow three of the current groups – in Handsworth, Sparkhill and the City Centre – to be funded for a further year, allowing Steps to Your Healthy Future to continue increasing awareness of their groups, and diabetes, in the local community.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Steps to Your Healthy Future?

Kate Walker, Chair

Tel: 07956 465 136


You can find out more about Steps to Your Healthy Future via their website. You can also follow Steps to Your Healthy Future on Facebook and Twitter.

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