Stepping Stones Global

‘It’s groups like this that give you a reason to get out of the house.’

Stepping Stones Global works to boost the confidence of adults based in Solihull and Birmingham who experience, or have experienced, anxiety, depression and other mental health issues which affect their day to day life.

What is Stepping Stones Global?

Stepping Stones Global is run entirely by volunteers, helping local people who suffer with mental health issues, particularly anxiety and depression. The group started recently when founder, Tomos, realised that there is a common misconception among those who suffer with mental health that they are alone. The more people he spoke to, the more he realised that many people are affected by this.

Stepping Stones Global run a weekly football group in Chelmsley Wood, the RT Rovers, which provides members with a reason to get out of the house and something to look forward to, as well as allowing them to meet with other people experiencing the same feelings. In addition to the football group, the organisation runs Chari-tea and coffee mornings which act as an informal support to encourage members to talk to one another in a relaxed environment.

The organisation’s main aim is provide support to members in order to build up their confidence and help them to realise that they are not alone. Stepping Stones Global currently has around 20 members who attend on a regular basis but they are hoping to grow their numbers and help even more people suffering with anxiety and depression.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2,000 of funding from LoveBrum will largely go towards supporting the weekly football group and cover 50 weeks of pitch hire.

Stepping Stones, ultimately, want to expand and help even more people through a wide range of activities, as well as football. They would, therefore, put some of the funding towards marketing, as well as subsidising their Cinemarts and Culture trips and Chari-tea and coffee mornings for members.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Stepping Stones Global?

Tomos, Founder

Tel: 0121 348 8070


You can also follow Stepping Stones Global on Facebook and Twitter.


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