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Sporting Spirit CIC was founded in June 2015 by two friends who wanted to be able to develop an out of school sports provision for local children as a way of encouraging healthy lifestyles, developing life skills and steering them away from the temptations of crime in the local area.

What is Sporting Spirit CIC?

In June 2013, Market research was undertook to gauge whether there was a demand for this project and the feedback they received was positive – 14 young people turned up to the first session. Twice weekly sessions were then started up in the evenings between 6pm – 7.30pm during the summer holidays. Sporting Spirit CIC has continued to grow from this point, and they believe there are three key parts they want to focus on – to help get Children more active by being involved with sports, to tackle obesity and to provide positive role models to lead Children away from Crime. Sporting Spirit CIC will provide the following Sports Activities which will be targeted at boys and girls between the ages of 4yrs – 11yrs in Primary Schools around Birmingham during School Lunch Hours:
Hula Hooping
Skipping Games
Running Games

The project will help Children become better informed and equipped to deal with health issues they may face also in the future. They will gain an understanding of a balanced diet and nutrition. Children will become healthier and more active as a result. By attending these sport sessions, Children will also be learning valuable life skills such as Communication, and working together, and these skills can then be transferred and utilized for their future employment. As Sporting Spirit continues to grow, they plan to recruit qualified sports students that can help to deliver these sports sessions to local Schools – the sports students themselves will be getting valuable sports coaching experience which will in turn benefit them on their sports coaching courses. In addition, Schools will benefit from having young, enthusiastic and skilled sports coaches who will educate, encourage and motivate the children. Most importantly are the children. The Children will benefit physically, socially and emotionally. The sports coaches will buy into the Sporting Spirit ethos which will leave a lasting legacy amongst every child they coach.
Sporting Spirit want to use Sport as more than just an activity, but as a way of life and to educate about the benefits.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The funding would be used to create a website, as Sporting Spirit CIC currently does not have one, this would help to get our message out there even further. We would also use the funding to help with our Marketing by creating flyers, leaflets and Business Cards. It would additionally help us to keep this project going in Primary Schools for as long as possible without having to worry about where the expenses would be coming from for this!

Where can people go to find out more about Sporting Spirit CIC?

For more information about Sporting Spirit CIC, please contact: Michael Sinclair, Sports Co-ordinator.
Tel: 07939 689 993
Sporting Spirit CIC is also on Facebook (
and Twitter @sporting_spirit

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