Solihull Life Opportunities (SoLO)

Solihull Life Opportunities (SoLO) is a charitable organisation seeking to add value to the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities, parents and carers, living in Solihull and the surrounding areas, through the provision of high quality leisure and social opportunities, as well as enhanced services such as employment, supported volunteering and meaningful daytime activities.

What is SoLO?

Established in 2000, SoLO works with 700 children and adults with learning disabilities to help increase their independence and self-esteem.  They offer arts and crafts activities, cooking lessons, travel training, giving members the opportunity for people to socialise with their peers.  They also provide employment for 3 people with a learning disability, work experience for others and supported volunteering opportunities.

SoLO aims to add value to the lives of people with learning disabilities. They believe that people with learning disabilities often miss out on enjoying many opportunities, activities and experiences that others take for granted, and are working hard to change this.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

SoLO would like to purchase a fully interactive whiteboard to aid communication and training. This will enable profoundly disabled members to be actively involved in designing programmes, tailored to their specific needs such as public transport and safety training, cooking, domestic skills and money management.

The whiteboard will help those who would not otherwise have access digitally enhanced facilities.  In turn, providing additional learning skills to help its members become active members of the community.

Where can people go to find out more about SoLO?

Maria Brown, Development Officer

Tel: 0121 647 1060


You can find out more about SoLO via their website. You can also follow SoLO on Facebook and Twitter.

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