Screen B14

‘Community cinema steps in where mainstream cinemas can’t.’

Screen B14 aims to bring community cinema to Kings Heath, providing accessible and affordable to cinema to those who can be put off mainstream cinemas due to cost or inaccessibility.

What is Screen B14?

Kings Heath had a cinema that was sadly closed in 2007, so Screen B14 have worked to bring a cinema back to the local residents. Mainstream cinema pricing, however, can often prevent people from enjoying films. Screen B14 works to bring accessible, affordable and amazing cinema straight to the local area.

Screen B14 currently show a range of films to their audiences, giving people the chance to see popular releases, as well as the opportunity to learn about new films that they may not have heard of. They bring people together each month to enjoy films and build on the sense of community in Kings Heath.

Screen B14 aims to make their screenings as inclusive as possible, for example, showing films with subtitles for deaf people, or offering free tickets to carers, and ensuring their venues are wheelchair accessible. This is in addition to their accessible ticket policy that allows people to pay what they feel they can afford.

In the future, Screen B14 hopes to work on different ways to increase their outreach and accessibility work to serve the needs of the community further. They want to engage with local schools and youth groups, encouraging young people to plan events and get them interested in the sector from an early age.

Ultimately, Screen B14 gives people the chance to get out for an affordable evening of cinema and engage with other people in their community.

What will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Screen B14 currently has to hire equipment for each individual screening, which is extremely costly.

The funding from LoveBrum would help Screen B14 to purchase their own screen and projector equipment, allowing them to increase the number of screenings and also take their equipment to other locations, such as care homes, making cinema even more accessible for the local community!

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Screen B14?

Sukayna Najmudin, Co-founder

Tel: 07577 740 326


You can follow Screen B14 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To book tickets for Screen B14’s next screening, click here.



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