‘Here at Redthread, we don’t save lives, we change lives.’

Redthread works to support young people in hospital being treated for violent crimes such as stabbings, shootings, domestic violence and more, as well as once they are discharged from hospital.

What is Redthread?

Redthread began as a youth club and a place for young people to socialise in South London and, since then, developed the first ever Young People’s Clinic and, more recently, the Youth Violence Intervention Programme (YVIP).

The Redthread Youth Violence Intervention Programme (YVIP) sees Redthread youth workers reaching out to young people aged 11-25 who come into hospital as a result of youth violence or exploitation.

Having Redthread present in the Emergency Departments means that specialist trauma-informed youth workers are able to meet young people during a ‘teachable moment’, which is when trauma, fear and isolation can create an opportunity to reflect and accept support.

This twelve week programme will help some of the most vulnerable young people in Birmingham to access support services and develop personal resources to help them break free from cycles of violence and crime. The interventions have helped to reduce young people offending, and re-offending, as well as being readmitted to hospital as a result of further violence.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2,000 of funding from LoveBrum would help to provide basic necessities for young people in crisis. This could include clothing, food and money for travel to ensure that they are safe. The funding will ensure that Redthread youth workers are on hand to assist any young person, particularly in an emergency.

Where can people go to find out more about Redthread?

Mairi Wilson, Fundraising Manager

Tel: 020 3744 6888


You can find out more about Redthread via their website. You can also follow Redthread on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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