‘We can all live in safer and more peaceful communities.’

Peacemakers began 30 years ago when a group of Quakers decided to actively work for peace and tackle the issue of violent conflict in the world by working with young people and giving them the skills and emotional intelligence to resolve conflict positively.

What is Peacemakers?

Peacemakers works on four key areas of peace;

  • Personal peace – how happy people are within themselves and their ability to be a peaceful person. This often comes from good anger management and self esteem.
  • Interpersonal peace – how well people get on with other people in their lives and their ability to resolve conflict through non-violent communication.
  • Community peace – how peaceful schools are as a whole and teaching children to find their own resolutions, rather than focusing on punishment.
  • Global peace – by working with children on what peace means, Peacemakers hope to equip everyone with the skills that would lead to global peace.

For the first 20 years, Peacemakers focused on running peacemaker courses in schools, training certain pupils to be ‘peer mediators’ and assist in resolving conflict between other young people in their school. As the organisation grew, it began a new programme, working with the whole school to embed a peace ethos and, last year, they published Learning for Peace.

Learning for Peace provides teachers with a suggested curriculum and training so they can deliver this to their pupils. The programme works to embed the skills that schools already encourage in their students such as self-esteem, empathy and listening skills.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The funding from LoveBrum will support Peacemakers in embedding the Learning for Peace curriculum in a primary school, with activities and learning for every year group, focusing on inner peace, peaceful relationships, peaceful choices and behaviour, peaceful actions and peaceful communities.

A Peace Education trainer will run a teacher training event, modelling a session around an aspect of peace in every classroom, then later observing every teacher run their own session, and providing feedback in a final session with all of the staff. As each school is different, the organisation work with schools on an individual basis to plan how this programme will work for their school.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Peacemakers?

Sara Hagel, Director

Tel: 0121 236 4796


You can find out more about Peacemakers via their website. You can also follow Peacemakers on Facebook and Twitter.

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