Our Place Support

“Help them back into Employment and help them feel empowered

Our Place Support is a community organisation based in Sutton Coldfield offering advice and support services.  They aim to help people make positive changes in their lives with mentoring for mental health and advice on welfare matters including benefits, housing and unemployment.

What is Our Place Support?

Our Place Support runs their services from the Community Hub in the centre of Sutton Coldfield and across the local community in schools and at local food banks. They also provide free and low cost space at the Community Hub to encourage other partner agencies to bring their advice and support services to the Sutton Coldfield community. 

Our  Place Advice Service aims to support the most vulnerable people within the community that have found themselves in crisis or are dealing with challenging situations. A part of the Our Place Advice Service is supporting individuals seeking employment, this used to be a standalone Job Club, but was absorbed into the Advice Service as local levels of unemployment dropped in 2018/19. However, they are now looking to increase their capacity for unemployment support once again as unemployment levels have unfortunately risen. 

The project aims to help those that are unable to engage with mainstream/open access support services due to their additional needs such as poor mental health, disabilities or a severe lack of confidence making group interventions difficult to engage with for them.

Our Place supports people who need help with the most basic elements of seeking employment such as: 

– Accessing their universal credit journal to update their job search activities

– Undertaking job searches online

– Creating CVs and completing Job Applications

– Sending emailed job applications and managing the dialogue between application and interview stage.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 would be used to update and increase their current IT equipment, as well as provide Stationary and all necessary licenses, meaning more people in the Community could be supported with all aspects of Employment.


Where can people go to find out more about Our Place Support?

Kelly Round, Manager.

Tel: 0121 354 4080

Email: kelly.round@ourplacesupport.org

Website: https://www.ourplacesupport.org/

Facebook/ Twitter: @OurPlaceSupport





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