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Our Place Community Hub was started in September 2011 when a small group of local people came together with the idea of identifying a Community venue where people could go to for advice, as well as for Educational and Social Services.

What is Our Place Community Hub?

Our Place Community Hub was founded based on the needs of the local Community, and a mentoring scheme was started to help Children and Families with a variety of different needs, including support for Emotional well being, and Mental Health issues. After the Extended Services programme ended in 2011 due to Council budget cuts, this left a gap for support services for Children and Families within the local area. In 2011, £150,000 was raised to bring an old derelict building to life; this became Our Place Community Hub. The Our Place Mentoring Scheme started in November 2011 with just one member of the team delivering support. The demand for the mentoring scheme grew quickly and Our Place now have 24 mentors, with 2 paid staff and the rest are a team of 43 volunteers that have varying roles from Directors, admin staff to mentors and general advisors. On average, Our Place supports 300 people every month through services at our Community Hub and via our Mentoring Service delivered at local schools, family homes and other community venues.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

As mentioned previously, one of the services offered at Our Place is the mentoring service which delivers one to one and group based support for children, adults and parents on social, emotional and mental health issues. Mentoring on a one to one basis is delivered for up to 12 months and group work is between 4 and 7 weeks. The project has received the Approved Provider Standard award for having effective processes and procedures in place and delivering an impacting service to users. The issues that Our Place typically work with are child neglect, parental mental health, domestic violence in families, parenting, children suffering from depression, anxiety or stress, those that are self-harming and children in the care system. There is no criteria for the mentoring support, if the individual has a need that can be supported through play and talking therapy, then they are always give an opportunity to go to the Hub. They have subscriptions with 19 local schools who make a nominal contribution for their services, and the mentoring scheme can also be accessed by the general public on a fee paying basis. If Our Place were to win the funding, it would mean that they could continue to offer their services to Schools and also keep the Hub running for the local Community to access a variety of services too without the pressure of having to try to raise the funding to make this happen.

Where can people go to find out more about Breaking the Silence?

For more information about Our Place Community Hub, please contact: Kelly Round, Manager.
Tel: 0121 354 4080
Email: kellyround@ourplacecommunityhub.org
Our Place Community Hub is also on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/ourplacesuttoncoldfield) and Twitter @OurPlaceSutton

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