The Open Doors Project

‘It’s extra important for those children to be able to access the outdoors, which is something they don’t always get to do.’

The Open Doors Project CIC works to fill a gap in educational and recreational activities in inner-city Birmingham for children and young people with severe learning disabilities and special needs.

What is The Open Doors Project?

In her job as a special education practitioner, The Open Doors Project founder, Kate, saw young people each and every day isolated, marginalised and without the variety of opportunities more available to mainstream children. Many opportunities for extracurricular and recreational activities are inaccessible to young people with severe learning disabilities so The Open Doors Project was created to provide this much needed service.

The group provides free-of-charge activities including nature rambles, gardening, sensory exploration, den building, pond dipping, and engagement with wildlife for children to ensure that young people can experience the same opportunities as their peers in mainstream schools, allowing them to develop crucial social, communication, and behaviour management skills which will support them now and later in life.

The Open Doors Project has allowed children with special needs to make new friends and reduce the social isolation they often experience and the various activities have helped to improve their confidence and social skills.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2,000 would fund 10 sessions for The Open Doors Project which will help to develop a sense of community and identity around living in Birmingham. The group would take the children to visit key sites around Birmingham such as the Botanical Gardens, the MAC, Sutton Park, and the Think Tank. Although all of the children live in and around Birmingham, many of them do not have the opportunity to visit these sites for reasons such as behavioural needs, low income or no access to suitable transport.

The funding will pay for sessional staff who are experienced in working with children with severe learning disabilities, in order to provide the most safe and supportive possible experience for our children. They will also hire a minibus to transport children to and from sites, pay for entry and provide a packed lunch, which will mean the experiences will not cost the children’s families anything.

Where can people go to find out more about The Open Doors Project?

Kate Millington, Director

Tel: 07496 235 522


You can find out more about The Open Doors Project via their website. You can also follow The Open Doors Project on Facebook and Twitter.



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