“My Anxiety”

“My Anxiety” is an independent film that has been made by a group of people trying to raise awareness of mental health.

What is “My Anxiety”?

This project has not been commissioned by any organisation. It is a passion project that aims to raise awareness of anxiety disorders. Mental health is a huge issue and it still remains a taboo subject. Ben Lewis, the filmmaker behind “My Anxiety”, believes that anything that promotes a positive message about individuals who suffer from mental health disorders would be hugely beneficial.

If people identify with others who suffer from these disorders, it could help individuals begin talking about their issues and allow them to get help. These issues they will become less stigmatised.

Ben also feels that men can feel particularly isolated when sharing their experiences with mental health, and this film will help humanise the disorder and hopefully promote where individuals can get help.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

“My Anxiety” has been created by a group of individuals who have given up their own time to create this video – the film is close to completion now but they need some funding to allow it to be finished. Friends have so far worked on this project or free but there are some skill sets needed for the video that they don’t have, such as sound design.

If “My Anxiety” won the funding, the money could be put towards these costs, and allow the film to be finished.  Upon completion, the funding would then also help with the promotion of the film by building a microsite and print campaign that can be rolled out to highlight “My Anxiety”.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about “My Anxiety”?

Ben Lewis

Tel: 07515 569 683

Email: tombenedictlewis@mac.com

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