Monarch mutts rescue

“ Monarch’s mutts provide a safe loving space”

Monarch’s mutts rescue, based in Halesowen, are a group of dedicated, unpaid volunteers who work round the clock to help Dogs in need.



Who are Monarch’s mutts rescue?

The rescue found its name in memory of Trevor Antill, who wrote The Monarch’s Way.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, and now the cost of living crisis, some dogs are no longer being able to be cared for  – the rescue takes dogs in from all over the UK, and rehome them right here in Birmingham.  The rescue relies on volunteers and foster homes to care for the dogs.  Local vets, as well as members of the public will contact the rescue to report dogs who are in desperate need of rehoming, or who are about to be euthanised, to see if they can help.   The rescue also takes on dogs that have suffered abuse and neglect, or been abandoned.

Pre Covid, the rescue used to get about 2 – 3 messages per week about rescuing dogs – they have received 18 such calls in just 4 days recently.

With the numbers on the rise, the rescue is in need now of creating a storage space and emergency dog kenelling space.  There is room for this to be built in the garden of its founder, but they desperately need to fundraise for the materials to make this possible – the cost in total is around £3000. 


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 would go towards the materials needed to build the emergency kennel space.  This means more dogs would have a safe space to stay whilst waiting to be rehomed, or placed with a foster family.


Where can people go to find out more about Monarch’s mutts rescue? 

Lucy Antill Founder

Facebook page:


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