Misfits Music Foundation

“Use the power of music to reduce loneliness and isolation.”

Misfits Music Foundation strongly believes in the power of group music-making activities to facilitate new connections between people, break down social barriers and help members of the local community become active citizens. They see first hand the power music has to reduce loneliness and improve the physical and mental wellbeing in their participants.


Who are Misfits Music Foundation?

Misfits Music Foundation established their first community music project in 2018 after noting the well documented rise in loneliness and isolation in the community. Founders Rob Jones and Reuben Penny are professional community musicians who fully understand the power of group music making to combat loneliness and isolation. Working to their strengths, they started running a series of weekly music sessions and regular social events for adults to play and sing together in an accessible, non-auditioned and welcoming group.

Their members have told them that they rely on the regular sessions to give them focus, and allow them to connect with other local people. Many members have told us that the sessions are a vital lifeline for them in the post-pandemic world, for many it has been their main way back into society. They have worked to adapt their sessions quickly and efficiently for both online and socially distanced delivery through the pandemic and will continue to do so in future. 

Demand for their work has increased significantly in recent months, and they now offer 4 weekly sessions reaching 80 people in Birmingham each week.  In the past year, they have reached over 350 individuals through sessions, and an additional 5000 local people through free community events and concerts. The annual concert series has become a fixture of the local community calendar, and is a real chance for people taking part in the projects to share their new skills and flourishing confidence with friends and family.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 funding would help to ensure their Moseley Rock collective sessions can continue to be offered for the next year –  a group that focuses on instruments such as Guitars, Basses and drums to be played together as there was a real lack of opportunities for people who played these instruments.

Where can people go to find out more about Misfits Music foundation? 

Rob Jones, Artistic Director.

Tel: 07458306508


Website: https://misfitsmusic.org.uk/

Facebook: @misfitsmusic

Twitter: @misfits_music

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