Martineau Gardens


Martineau Gardens is a community garden based in the heart of Edgbaston where people, plants and wildlife meet!  Their mission is to inspire people about the natural environment.  Providing volunteering opportunities and a venue for educational activities and courses.

Who are Martineau Gardens?

20 years ago, Martineau Gardens was an environmental study centre for the public but closed by the council.  Since then a group of dedicated volunteers and neighbours have maintained and kept the land accessible for the local people of Birmingham.  In 2003, a professional gardener was brought in to lead the volunteers to provide therapeutic horticulture to people with mental health issues and learning disabilities.  Teaching service users gardening, how to supporting the environment and to enjoy the fresh air outside!

This wonderful two and a half acre community garden also host a Forest School providing environmental education to primary school children in the surrounding area.  Local children can enjoy the great outdoors, learn about wildlife in the woodland area and find out how food is grown (no, chips are not made from the freezer!).

The Gardens are open to the public six days a week.  During each season, Martineau Gardens hold a whole host of family events, where visitors can take tours of the gardens, attend workshops and take part in family craft sessions.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The £2,000 donation from LoveBrum will pay for 200m of recycled plastic boards and pegs to repair Martineau Gardens’ vegetable beds.  They were built almost 15 years ago and unfortunately rotting or bending out of shape, causing trip hazards with compost and soil spilling out over the paths.  This is causing mobility issues for volunteers that require disabled accessibility.

Once repaired, the endorsed vegetable beds will provide a useful resource to both Martineau Gardens’ therapeutic horticulture services and will be used as a location to teach local school children on how vegetables are grown.

Where can people go to find out more about Martineau Gardens?

Contact: Gill Milburn, Director
Tel: 0121 440 7430

You can also find out more about Martineau Gardens by visiting their website.  You can also give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter @martineau27.

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