Livingstone House

‘This is where people come to start their journeys of recovery.’

Based on her own experience of substance abuse, Sally Livingstone founded Livingstone House to help those suffering from drug and alcohol abuse in Birmingham. Sally identified the lack of resource in the area to support these people, but also the lack of opportunity for those who cannot afford private residential treatment.

What is Livingstone House?

Livingstone House aims to help people stop existing in a state of addiction and start living a healthy and happy life, looking forward to a positive future without the use of drugs, alcohol and all other mind altering substances.

Upon arrival, residents receive a full assessment before starting a 24-week fully structured treatment programme including one to one counselling and group therapy. After completing the programme, residents can stay in a sober living environment to help with their transition back into everyday life, where they receive ongoing support but are encouraged to live as independently as possible.

Livingstone House received 500 admissions in 2018, with 92% completing the detox programme.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Livingstone House will use LoveBrum’s funding for their Therapeutic Garden Space, a dedicated area of the garden for health and wellbeing for their service users.

The area will be decked, with seating provided for people to meditate in peaceful place. It will also provide an area for outdoor exercise.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Livingstone House?

Paul Madan, Volunteer for Livingstone House

Tel: 0121 753 4448


You can find out more about Livingstone House via their website. You can also follow Livingstone House on Facebook and Twitter.

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