Little Buds Nurture Group

‘We provide an opportunity to support and inspire each other, and share our motherhood journey.’

Little Buds Nurture Group provides a place for mothers to meet and support one another, as well as a safe space for their children to play and make friends.

What is Little Buds Nurture Group?

Little Buds Nurture Group promotes peaceful, positive and diverse social integration for parents and children based in and around Ward End. The project is open to everyone and delivers various sessions at Ward End Library, as well as the community garden across the road. Little Buds provides a non-judgemental place for mothers to come together and share their experiences in order to support one another and integrate into their local community.

Little Buds sessions include a variety of activities for both parents and children including arts and crafts, but also guest speakers who can provide a new perspective and educate both new and experienced mothers on how they can make the best choices for their children and families.

By using the community garden, Little Buds aims to encourage parents to bring their children out regularly into nature and enjoy an outdoor learning experience that they may not have experienced before.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The funding from LoveBrum will allow Little Buds to spend more time in the community garden and outdoors, especially as the colder season approaches by purchasing a garden poly tunnel that can be utilised for indoor gardening activities, shelter and storage.

They would also be able to make further use of their forest school by paying for a qualified Forest School teacher to attend and lead the sessions that will teach practical life skills.

Where can people go to find out more about Little Buds Nurture Group?

Amina Rafiq, Project Manager and Volunteer

Tel: 07930 243 636


You can find out more about Little Buds Nurture Group via their website. You can also follow Little Buds Nurture Group on Facebook and Instagram.

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