Lightpost Theatre Company

“Using the Arts as a mechanism to promote positive wellbeing.”

In 2015, Birmingham Repertory Theatre took part in an initial pilot scheme –  Up My Street, a partnership project funded by Mind, to help strengthen mental health in young black men through theatre. This scheme was developed in response to statistics that show young black men in the UK are much more likely to develop serious mental illness than any other demographic.

Motivated by the scheme, participants formed Lightpost Theatre Company.


Who are Lightpost Theatre Company?

Addressing the effects of racism, discrimination, negative self-image and invisibility, Lightpost Theatre Company helps to strengthen the mental health resilience and wellbeing of those involved, improve self-belief, raise mental health awareness, assist personal development, and encourage inclusion and friendship.

Since starting seven years ago, the Company has welcomed hundreds of participants aged 18-26 from across the West Midlands who have gone on to create their own productions, perform to sell-out audiences, gain employment and training within the industry and create new leaders for a new generation of members.

CJ Lloyd Webley, Ops Manager has said: “Lightpost is not just a theatre company, it’s a movement.  It has always been the goal for Lightpost Theatre Company to create new Leaders. Because we understand what these young men experience outside of the company, we can help to empower them and support resilience against perceived and proven barriers including lack of opportunity, racism and related stresses.”

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 funding would help to ensure the continued sessions of Lightpost Theatre Company, by enabling them to help spread their message to a wider audience, and fund equipment needed.


Where can people go to find out more about Lightpost Theatre Company? 

CJ Lloyd Webley , Writer/ Producer/ Ops Manager.



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