Leaf Creative Arts

“We create Art and Music Activities that 

are Dementia Inclusive


Leaf Creative Arts aims to uplift, empower and connect people through art, music and creative reminiscence. They believe in nurturing new experiences and have been making memories since 2015. They tackle loneliness and isolation, and encourage wellbeing, in various ways.  Leaf Creative Arts  are passionate about making all of their work dementia-friendly, and where possible intergenerational.

What is Leaf Creative Arts?

Leaf Creative Arts work predominantly, but not exclusively, with people living with dementia, their carers and families. They are passionate about providing a balance between creative reminiscence and ‘making new memories’.

They run weekly art and music sessions, aimed at older participants / service users in the South Birmingham area, specifically Stirchley, Billesley and Moseley.

Love Hertz – Musical Lifelines –  is their Umbrella name for the Dementia friendly Music sessions that they run, and one of these projects would be Calypso Christmas.

This is a Calypso Disco with props and decor, using Silent Disco headphones –  A Tropical sing-along with songs from South Pacific, Calypso Classics and more –  Steel drums / pans workshop taking them to Trinidad and beyond. 

Through this workshop, Leaf Creative Arts would aim to uplift, spread joy and add tropical / sunshine vibes during the dark days of winter / Christmas time. People have not been able to travel abroad, but they can create a warm, holiday feeling and offer new experiences. They want to take people around the world through music, and ultimately improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Leaf Creative Arts wants to raise awareness about ‘dementia friendliness’ and destigmatize aging and dementia. This is an issue affecting all of us as a society, and  something that they feel should be tackled together. They want to make a positive impact on the stereotypes that surround this topic, and  harness the positives, such as the ability to live in the moment. Leaf Creative Arts encourage families, carers and the wider community to embrace an attitude that celebrates the uniqueness of each person without preconceptions.


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 would be used to fund the Calypso Christmas project. This would include a series of sessions (including workshops and an event) including props, percussion, room hire, refreshments, musicians, headsets, staffing and more. 


 Where can people go to find out more about Creative Leaf Arts?

Shelley Atkinson, Co – Director

Email: leafcreativearts@gmail.com

Website: http://leafcreativearts.org/




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