Kingstanding Food Community

Kindstanding Food Community believe no one should go hungry, they have allotments and a kitchen garden to grow food and feed their local community. They also do family workshops and work closely with local school to get children understand where their food comes from.

What is Kingstanding Food Community?

Kingstanding Food Community was founded in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength, winning “Birmingham’s Best Food Project’ two years in a row awarded by Birmingham’s Green Commission. These guys have award winning green fingers as well as serving tasty fresh and homemade food from their community cafe in the Kingstanding Well-Being Centre.

Family is at the heart of what they do, teaching people how to grow and cook their own food from their kitchen garden and allotments. Kingstanding Food Community also provide workshops hoping to help those out of work to get commercial cafe experience and get them back into employment. They also work closely with local schools to get children understanding where their food comes from. Kingstanding Food Community is all about getting people together through great food and their passion for all things green!

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Kingstanding Food Community’s  cookery workshop is in desperate need of an upgrade! They have a team of 34 regular volunteers who are keen to use their newly acquired skills in the Community Cafe. Kingstanding Food Community would like to invest in new commercial cooker, blender and chef knives to allow them to cook more meals for our community.

They would also like to fit a outdoor tap to allow volunteers to water the Kitchen garden easily, with an outdoor electrical socket to allow their disabled volunteers charge their mobility scooters

Lastly, they would like to buy a covered trailer which can be used for delivering meals to their local community. They plan to make every penny go as far as it can!

Cost of project:


Where can people go to find out more about Kingstanding Food Community?

Afric Crossan, Cause Trustee

Tel: 0121 683 1140


You can also find out more on their website. You can also follow Kingstanding Food Community on Facebook and Twitter.

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