Kingshurst Pavilions

“Our Philosophy is to invest in our young children”

Kingshurst Pavilions Sports Club runs a football club for girls.  They believe young girls in the community need a safe, inclusive and diverse place that they can go and really enjoy the game.


Who are Kingshurst Pavilions Sports Club?

Based in Kingshurst, Kingshurst Pavilions started as an under 10s football team in 2016, and they have grown to now also have a successful u16 girls team.

Kingshurst Pavilions are really proud to say that they are home to girls from across the Midlands, from all post codes, connecting girls from different schools and creating unity in a time where their age group and peers are making headlines for knife crime and gang violence.

Most Importantly, their older girls’ football team have inspired new generations and they now have girls approaching looking for a team to join within the same safe, encouraging and nurturing space they offer, as well as discipline, a place to be each week and a sense of responsibility that committing to a team brings. 

The team are also very proud to have two 15 year old female referees, and  they want to encourage other young girls to pick up the whistle –  if there’s no ref, there’s no game!  

They strongly support the kick it out ethos and strive for diversity in their teams….. everyone is welcome.


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

With £2000 funding, Kingshurst Pavilions will be able to fund travel and pitch costs for the girls’ football team, meaning that the girls can continue doing something they love during a time when the cost of living crisis is impacting so many.


Where can people go to find out more about Kingshurst Pavilions Football Club? 

Robert Wadrup, Head of Girls Division 

Tel: 07708228601


Instagram: KingshurstPSCu16girls


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