Kings Heath Cat Club

“Our goal is to rehome and rehabilitate as many cats as we can from the streets of Birmingham’ 

Kings Heath Cat Club rescues and rehabilitates stray, feral and abandoned cats across Birmingham. 

What is Kings Heath Cat Club?

Kings Heath Cat Club was initially established as a group on Facebook for people to share pictures of their cats, ask for advice and seek support. The group now has over 7,000 followers and has expanded to a fully fledged rescue, helping rescue stray, feral and abandoned cats across Birmingham. 

They help hundreds of cats every single year, taking on abused, abandoned, stray and injured cats who often have lived on the streets for a long time. The dedicated team rehabilitates every animal, ensuring their clean bill of health and then rehoming them. Before they can be rehomed they’re vaccinated, neutered, blood test, flea & worm treated, worm and microchipped cat costing the rescue hundreds if not thousands in vet bills per cat. 

Kings Heath Cat Club does not only rescue domestic cats, they also help rescue and rehabilitate feral cats. Feral cats help to spread diseases to cat populations around Birmingham and are often repopulating. Kings Heath Cat Club strives to rescue and rehabilitate as many cats as possible from the streets of Birmingham!  

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Funding from LoveBrum will help contribute towards their veterinary bills, helping to pay for vaccinations, neuteuring, blood tests, micro-chips and also food, litter and essential items.

£2,000 would help to cover a portion of their veterinary bills, that often run into the tens of thousands each year. 

Where can people go to find out more about Kings Heath Cat Club?


You can find out more about Kings Heath Cat Club via their facebook page. 


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