Kidz Come First

‘I’m here to ensure that children have the best start in life.’

Kidz Come First is a self-funded organisation that supports parents and children in Birmingham by providing a before and after school club, and holiday club. They focus on providing a service in more deprived areas with limited, or unaffordable, childcare.

What is Kidz Come First?

Kidz Come First was set up in response to the lack of opportunities for some children in areas of Birmingham, such as Ladywood, which has been named the worst place in the UK for child poverty. Children from these backgrounds are often marginalised and excluded from certain opportunities, with working parents struggling to access after school support and childcare during the school holidays.

Throughout term time, Kidz Come First provide a variety of activities for children after school, as well as a walking bus service. They extend these services during the school holidays, which can be a real strain on low income families. Organisations working with families have observed that some children are going unsupervised during school holidays due to unaffordable and unavailable childcare in the area. There are many parents who cannot afford expensive childcare costs, but also cannot afford not to be at work, so Kidz Come First provide as many free places as possible to these families. This also provides unemployed parents with the opportunity to attend job interviews, access employment, as well as something for children to look forward to.

As many of these children are also offered free school lunches, many go without lunch during the school holidays. Kidz Come First, therefore offers a free breakfast and hot afternoon snack.

The organisations aspires to make a positive difference to the lives of children and currently supports 22 children through their after school club, and 40 children during the school holidays.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

There is a growing demand for the service that Kidz Come First provides and a particular need in the local area. The funding would support the organisation in providing as many free places as possible to children during the school holidays.

£2,000 would cover the cost of 3 weeks of childcare for 5 children, and 3 children with free lunches. The funding would also provide and free childcare ‘slots’ for parents attending job interviews and 5 children to attend a local day trip during the school holidays.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Kidz Come First?

Natalie Johnson, Manager

Tel: 07947 575 090


You can find out more about Kidz Come First via their website. You can also follow Kidz Come First on Facebook and Twitter.


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