Kalm Community

“We are incredibly passionate about supporting  Children with their Mental wellbeing .”

Kalm Community  are incredibly passionate about mental health and all their Kalm Kids sessions focus on the emotional wellbeing of children, young people and their families. They have a long term ambition to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health awareness and their aim is to create a safe, fun community which is filled with kindness and compassion.


Who are Kalm Community?

Kalm Community  provides a variety of engaging services for children from new-borns to teenagers. Every activity they offer is based around supporting the needs and development of children including Kalm Kids, Mini Messies and Mini Glow. Kalm Kids is a mindfulness based emotional support service for children aged 5 to 16 years which includes private 1 to 1 emotional support, after school clubs and holiday clubs.

They also provide various activities for under 5’s which include Mini Messies sensory messy play and birthday parties and Mini Glow sensory glow sessions and discos.

Currently, one in six children have a probable mental health condition according to statistics published by NHS Digital in July 2020. In modern society, 24 hour connectivity to social media, online gaming and the constant pressure to be virtually connected at all times means that children and young people struggle to switch off and live in the present moment. They feel pressure to achieve at school, to keep up with their peers, to be constantly occupied with activities and to live the ‘perfect’ life which can lead to unnecessary stress, worry and anxiety. With the additional worries and changes to society we are currently facing, children and young people are looking to us as adults to provide them with guidance and support, to help them navigate their emotions and to encourage their self confidence in this often difficult and fast paced world.

Kalm Community would like to provide children/teens with tools to be able to cope with modern day society, to help manage their emotions and big feelings and to understand that they are not alone, their voice matters and that they genuinely care and value them.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Each group Kalm Kids session for 15 children costs approximately £100 including rent and resources.  With  £2000 funding, it would provide up to 20 one hour Kalm Kids sessions which would include all staffing costs, room rental and resources.


Where can people go to find out more about Kalm Community? 

Deb Ball, Co – Founder.

Tel: 07376912320


Website: http://www.kalmcommunity.co.uk/


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