InteGreat Theatre

‘Deaf people have a lot of barriers in their life and we create a space without barriers.’

InteGreat Theatre is the only theatre group in the UK that is accessible for both deaf and hearing people, and works to promote equality between the deaf and hearing communities.

What is InteGreat Theatre?

InteGreat Theatre is a community theatre group for deaf and hearing adults that started as a mixed deaf and hearing drama group for young people. After realising that nothing like this existed elsewhere, InteGreat began to facilitate a group for deaf adults. InteGreat Theatre is inclusive to all, so members range in age, race, abilities and age, with people from age 19-73!

The group integrates both deaf and hearing people to come together and explore their creativity. With the support of interpreters, InteGreat is able to bring these usually two separate groups together and creates an opportunity for people to learn from each other without barriers.

The organisation’s main aims are to focus on the integration of people who don’t usually get the chance to meet, whilst promoting deaf awareness and encouraging people to learn sign language by attending rehearsals and InteGreat’s stage performances.

Deaf people face many barriers in their lives due to communication issues and lack of awareness in the community but the group is equally important for those who can hear. Deaf and hearing siblings, for example, can’t access the same community groups and have to attend different schools so InteGreat provides a place where siblings, and family members, can participate in the same activity. Everyone, deaf or hearing, plays an equal part in all activities and the group is always careful to ensure that all participants are treated equally.

What will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

There is a growing waiting list of people who would like to join InteGreat Theatre but for each 10-15 people, the group requires an additional interpreter that they don’t currently have funding for.

The funding from LoveBrum would cover the cost of an additional British Sign Language Interpreter so another 15 hearing people on the waiting list could join the group.

One regular member of the group is unable to use the interpreter as he was not born in the UK, so he has developed his own language, which requires 1-1 support to enable him to communicate with the rest of the group. He travels over an hour each week, so InteGreat know that the sessions are important to him and would love to provide he would benefit a deaf relay support worker so he can engage more with the rest of the group and have more participation.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about InteGreat Theatre?

Angela Twigg, Drama Coordinator

Tel: 07957 166 364


You can also follow InteGreat Theatre on Facebook and Instagram.

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