Innovating Minds CIC

‘If we can make a difference to those children’s lives, if we can help them stay in education, that’s a job done for me.’

Innovating Minds CIC was set up in 2016 to provide accessible, specialist psychological support to foster emotional well-being and resiliency. The award-winning social venture cares about helping people with their emotional and mental health.

What is Innovating Minds?

Innovating Minds Founder, Dr Asha Patel found that whilst working in a forensic mental health hospital with patients that were experiencing severe mental health difficulties such as schizophrenia and had committed serious crimes, many told her that if they had received this type of help when they were younger, maybe things would be different for them now.

Using this knowledge, Dr Asha set up Innovating Minds CIC, an organisation that works from an early intervention ethos and directly within schools and the community to promote emotional wellbeing and give support to those who cannot access it though national services.

Any profits are reinvested to provide specialist psychological group support for children and young people who are affected by witnessing domestic abuse through Innovating Minds’ ‘Healing Together’ programme. Innovating Minds believes that children are more likely to have a successful recovery journey when their primary caregiver has started their recovery, placing them in a better position to support their child. In Birmingham there is no other organisation that offers this type of support. 

Children who are exposed to domestic abuse may experience anxiety, depression, social withdrawal and physical symptoms, and may display aggressive behaviour. The programme helps young witnesses of domestic abuse to come to terms with their experiences, build confidence and self-esteem, make sense of their emotions, understand their rights and develop positive lifestyle and coping strategies. The Healing Together Programme uses activities and creative arts, which improves expressions of thoughts and feelings, communication and engagement when young people struggle to find their voice.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Innovating Minds would like to use the funding from LoveBrum to support their Healing Together programme and improve childrens’ progress outside of the group by equipping parents with some of the tools that they can use at home.

£2,000 would allow the organisation to purchase 100 resource bags containing information and resources which families would be able to take away and implement, including coping cards and story stones, to support parents, children and siblings with communicating and handling emotions.

Where can people go to find out more about Innovating Minds?

Dr Asha Patel, CEO, Founder & Clinical Psychologist

Tel: 0121 448 4190


You can find out more about Innovating Minds via their website. You can also follow Innovating Minds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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