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Home from Hospital Care became a charity in 1986 after its founder, Geraldine Amos MBE, investigated inadequate discharges from a hospital in Birmingham.

What is Home from Hospital Care?

After research into poor discharges from hospital, pilot schemes were set up and Home from Hospital Care – Welcome Home Scheme in Birmingham became a registered charity. The first scheme was set up in the city centre and, by the year 2000, Home from Hospital Care had expanded to cover the South of Birmingham. This gradually expanded to encompass the whole of Birmingham  by 2012. This year, the organisation is celebrating 30 years of Home from Hospital Care as a registered charity!

Home from Hospital offers a variety of volunteer-led services for patients who have recently been discharged from hospital, one of which is the supply of an emergency food parcel. The patient returning from a stay in hospital benefits from the service as they are able to feel comfortable in their own surroundings without having to think of how to survive the first days with regards to shopping or having to ask someone for help, promoting their independence. The emergency food parcel service also is of value to health care professionals, as there is less of a drain on resources, meaning that a free bed is available that, otherwise, would have remained occupied had that patient not been discharged.

Referrals for food parcels come from hospitals or other health care facilities. The numbers of requests for food parcels increases each year, increasing by 100 this year alone, proving that this service is worthwhile. The benefits of being able to keep a person independent and in the community instead of occupying a bed in hospital can be counted in monetary terms but also has a positive effect and result on the patient themselves, allowing them independence and dignity.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Home from Hospital would like to use the funding to purchase these emergency food parcels. The food parcel has enough in it that the patient may be able to use it for several days to make a light meal or sandwich, giving them the time they may need to stay at home and recuperate for the initial days after they leave hospital. These food parcels are tailor made for individual patients’, catering for needs such as diabetics and food intolerances. Each parcel typically costs around £11, and will contain the following general items: bread, cereals, milk, cheese, eggs, butter/spread, a small packet of sliced meat, cup-a-soups, biscuits or cakes, teabags and fresh fruit.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Home from Hospital Care?

Jackie Owen, Manager

Tel: 0121 472 4499

Email: hfhmanager@home-from-hospital-care.org.uk

You can find out more about Home from Hospital Care via their website.

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