Her Game Too

‘Football is a place for them.’


Her Game Too is a movement within football that aims to promote equality, challenge sexism and educate all about challenges faced by females involved in the world of football at all levels.



Who are Her Game Too (HGT)?

HGT x BCFC is a section of the movement that is partnered with Birmingham City FC and works closely with the club to raise awareness of some of the issues that women face and to create a safe and inclusive environment in and around the club. 

Alongside this, HGT x BCFC are also working across the city to support grassroots girls teams by inspiring young girls through opportunities and promoting equality within their club and the wider world of football in Birmingham.

HGT x BCFC aim to create a safe and inclusive environment within football at all levels across Birmingham, making sure that all girls have the opportunity to play football and feel comfortable and included within their footballing communities, working to remove any stigma of females playing or being involved in the game.  HGT x BCFC have partnered with over 11 female based grassroots organisations across the city and beyond, working alongside each club to understand the wide range of difficulties each face, like lack of playing space, financial difficulties with kits and lack of female representation within the coaching staff. 

The ambition is to be able to provide kits and playing spaces/equipment to teams in need, promote female involvement in coaching and refereeing through funding FA accredited courses and continue to encourage females to keep playing by providing inspiring opportunities that showcase what females in football can achieve.  They hope this project will encourage new female players, fans and coaches to get involved in their local teams but also to continue to support girls who have experienced any negativity within the game and educate all about the positivity of females in football.


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 would allow HGT to look at the possibility of fully funding coaching courses to promote female coaches, proving much needed kits for partnered grassroots teams and supplying female specific facilities, like sanitary products, for all of their partnered teams to have access to, which will help to remove barriers that stop females from feeling comfortable in football.


Where can people go to find out more about Her Game Too? 

Helena Banks, Ambassador 

Email: hgtxbcfc@gmail.com

Website: www.hergametoo.co.uk

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