The Healing Horse Sanctuary

“We rescue horses and ponies who need homes’  

The Healing Horse Sanctuary rescue horses, ponies and other animals in need of help and protection. 

What is The Healing Horse Sanctuary?

Since 2008, The Healing Horse Sanctuary, has rescued horses and ponies who have been maltreated, neglected, ill, homeless or other circumstances where they are in need of help and protection.  

The Healing Horse Sanctuary aims to heal the animals in their care not only physically but mentally and emotionally, using natural remedies and therapies as much as possible. They allow and encourage the horses to live as naturally as possible within a mixed herd environment so they have the company of other horses to aid their recovery and build their confidence and self esteem. 

The sanctuary now plans to launch equine therapy sessions, to help more people, where ponies and horses work to help physical and mental health issues in both adults and children. 

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2,000 will fund equine therapy sessions for adults and children with various physical, emotional or mental health issues to aid their transformation.

Through these workshops, they will offer and provide opportunities to learn about horses and practice a variety of natural healing techniques within a loving, safe space.

Where can people go to find out more about The Healing Horse Sanctuary?

Susie Gessey, Founder.

Tel: 07780 698 393


You can find out more about The Healing Horse Sanctuary via their website. You can also follow The Healing Horse Sanctuary on Facebook.

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