Happyfields Animal Sanctuary

Happyfields Animal Sanctuary started with just one rescued goat, followed by a donkey – just over 7 years ago! More animals followed, leading them to expand onto a larger piece of land in Kings Norton.

What is Happyfields Animal Sanctuary?

Happyfields Animal Sanctuary have 2 objectives:

  • To house animals that have been abandoned, neglected or are otherwise in distress, including the provision of veterinary care for such animals.
  • The advancement of education of the public in the care of animals.

The sanctuary aim to rescue and re-home animals but if, for any reason, they unable to do this, they become a permanent resident at Happyfields.

Of course, to keep the sanctuary going comes at a cost. The animals all eat different foods and sometimes need a vet and the equines require a blacksmith. They allow lots of people to come and visit in order to raise much needed funds. The sanctuary caters for children’s parties, work experience, picnics, school trips, special needs children, vulnerable adults, the elderly – anyone that loves animals and the outdoors!

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Where the lovely animals are housed is at the very top of a field. The route for visitors is inaccessible for pushchairs, wheelchair users and the less able bodied members of the public. It’s bumpy and, when it rains, very muddy!

Happyfields have planned a suitable access rout and already have the planning permission and the volunteers to get to work. Your funding will go towards the materials to get this built.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Happyfields Animal Sanctuary?

Christine Bowles, Founder

Tel: 0121 451 3515

Email: happyfields@live.com

Find out more about Happyfields Animal Sanctuary via their website. You can also follow Happyfields Animal Sanctuary on Facebook and Twitter.

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