Hamilton School

“It’s very important for our Children to have access to outdoor areas


Hamilton School is a primary special school based in Handsworth. All of the students have an EHCP, and all of them have a diagnosis of Autism. At Hamilton School, all Staff, students, and families, strive to work together to transform lives.


What is Hamilton School?

There are currently 133 children who attend Hamilton School, and this number is increasing.

The School provides a range of opportunities for students to help develop a range of social skills, including promoting hobbies and interests that will help enhance their lives.  

Hamilton School provides a calm, positive and structured environment that enables pupils to feel safe, and achieve their best.  The staff at the school are incredibly dedicated and hard working, and want  to create a legacy from their work – an educational one, a cultural one and a physical one.

They keep their focus on learning,  and have very high expectations as to what  staff and students are capable of achieving. When everyone strives for their own ‘personal bests’ great things can happen. That is what they aim for on a daily basis. 

They do their best to ensure that the environment at the School is Autism friendly – Staff are skilled, and have regular training, to ensure that their Autism practice is of a high level. Structure and routine are key across the school. The teaching style we have developed supports communication for all children as well as helping them to learn skills in a variety of different contexts across the school day. Our well developed PSHE curriculum ensures we teach children important life skills alongside the more core subjects.

Hamilton school remained open throughout the Pandemic, and provided education to children of key workers and any other family who requested support.  This provision has been crucial for the safety, learning and wellbeing of their students and families.

There are major challenges ahead of them in 2021 and beyond Covid-19, a declining budget, increased numbers of students and staff in a, largely, very old building.  Their Local Authority has faced huge budget cuts and that impacts on their work also. However, as a School, they meet these challenges with energy, enthusiasm and a spirit of hope. 


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 would replace existing outdoor play equipment which is broken,and unfit for purpose, and replace it with new items. Hamilton School would carefully select items that focus on movement and sensory feedback. Many of the children at the school have problems with their balance and co-ordination due to proprioceptive difficulties. This is due to them not being able to judge where their body is in relation to surrounding space and is a common trait of autism. In addition many of the students at the school have a sensory processing disorder and need constant sensory stimulation in order to be able to regulate themselves. This new equipment would help them to regulate themselves and also at the same time help promote play.


Where can people go to find out more about Hamilton School?

Website: http://www.hamilton.bham.sch.uk/index.html

 Tel: 0121 464 1676

 Facebook – @HamiltonSch

 Twitter –  @HamiltonSch




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