Greenholm Primary School Community Project

‘For some of them, really it’s the first time they’ve ventured outdoors apart from going to the shops, or to school.’

Greenholm Primary School Community Project began when the school, based in Great Barr, took ownership of a piece of land behind the site, which they began to develop into a school farm, and outdoor learning area.

What is Greenholm Primary School Community Project?

With the help of the school’s pupils and numerous others, the once unusable space has been completely transformed into a new outdoor learning area. The farm is now home to a variety of plants and trees, a wood fired oven and open fire, raised beds and fencing built by the children, and two chickens – Strawberry and Snowdrop.

Each year group visits the farm at least once per week, with the after school club helping to put the hens to bed. The teachers are able to mix the set curriculum with the outdoor facilities and create exciting lessons for their pupils. The school also identified that 40% of children starting school are overweight, and aims to tackle this by growing healthy food and educating the children about where food comes from, whilst encouraging them to be outside and increase their level of activity.

As well as providing a space for the children to learn, the school link up with the local community, particularly the elderly and disabled, to maximise the farm’s potential, and help the children to understand more about the community they belong to, and how they can have a positive impact. The school hosts free lunches for the local elderly community, using food grown on site, which is then served by the children. By doing this, the pupils can learn about creating with relationships with people outside of their peer group, whilst also tackling the issue of elderly isolation.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The two chickens that currently live on the farm are hired by the school so the funding from LoveBrum would help to cover the cost of a bigger chicken coop, and more chickens. The school has found that the chickens have had a hugely positive impact on the confidence of many of their pupils, who have been able to talk, and read, to the chickens without the fear of being judged.

The school also hope to develop the existing path to the farm in order to improve the access for members of the community with restricted mobility.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Greenholm Primary School Community Project?

Sue Groves, School Accountant

Tel: 0121 464 6321


You can find out more about Greenholm Primary School Community Project via their website. You can also follow Greenholm Primary School on Facebook and Twitter.

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