Rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Cats from all walks of life”

Furbabies is all about removing an animal from a bad situation to a better one! The rescue was created in 2013 and operates within the Birmingham area to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome cats and kittens. They are a voluntary organisation that relies completely on the generosity of its followers.

What is Furbabies?

Furbabies give cats a chance where others have given up. They do not have a sanctuary centre,instead,  all of their cats are placed within foster homes so they can gain a better understanding of their personalities and behaviour. 

Furbabies is proud of the fact that they do not discriminate against any cat’s age, looks or history. They believe every single cat that comes into rescue deserves a chance to be happy and find their forever home.

Since starting almost ten years ago, Furbabies have rehomed over 1000 cats/kittens.  They strive to rescue, rehome and rehabilitate cats/kittens into their new forever homes. 

Their most recent campaign, the Cat neutering Campaign 2022,  is to help with the overpopulation of feral cats, usually the areas  in Birmingham that require the most help with this are: Lozells, Small heath, Moseley, and  Spark Hill.  The rescue takes great pride in undertaking neutering campaigns where they trap, neuter and return feral cats to prevent the ongoing cycle of unwanted kittens and therefore over population.

This in turn will lessen the suffering of street cats as well as helping communities who struggle to keep on top of such growing numbers.  It will help the cats immensely as by neutering them means their hormones are not pushing them to roam and fight in the goal of procreating. Their health will be improved massively.

This will help the communities who support these feral colonies and numbers are kept to a minimum rather than doubling every month to an unsustainable rate.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 funding would go towards this campaign and the rescue’s ongoing Veterinary bills – it costs around £40 to neuter one cat, so this would mean as many as 50 Cats could be helped.  


Where can people go to find out more about Furbabies?

Zoe Henderson, Charity Secretary

Email: furbabiescatrescue@gmail.com

Website: Furbabiescatrescue.org

Facebook – Furbabies Cat rescue


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