Friends of Ten Acres

“Green Spaces like this are Important”


Friends of Ten acres maintain and manages the woodland and park area of Ten Acres along the River Rea in Stirchley. The woodland was previously derelict for nearly 50 years, and they aim to bring it back into public use and make it a safe and diverse woodland again for both people and wildlife to enjoy. Their woodland management team includes arborists and conservationists working with the natural ecology to improve biodiversity and the beauty of the site and reduce littering and substance misuse areas.


What is Friends of Ten Acres?


Top meadow garden is a section of land within the woodland that is mainly grass with a variety of edible plants and trees naturally occurring including sloe, hawthorn, apple, pear, horseradish and more. The top meadow garden  project aims to create a native edible landscape within this garden using plants known on the site already to create a beautiful community orchard and garden – with the help of volunteers and especially young ones to ensure a strong connection to the area and to nature is fostered early on and nourished.

This project is aimed predominantly at families with very young toddlers and younger. They provide distraction activities for the children that engage them in nature and gardening and the woodland while also giving the parents a much needed post-isolation break! They work as a ‘village’ to help ease the burden of parenting in these difficult circumstances while providing enriching and engaging activities that focus on exploration and learning. This helps both the children – through learning and play and socialising with peers, and the parents get a little break too. Friends of ten Acres will also be looking at the upkeep of the woodland area at the same time, such as litter picking and wildlife conservation activities to help improve the biodiversity of the site as a wildlife haven.


 If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 would enable gardening sessions for families with a gardener and an activity coordinator, refreshments for families, obtain more native trees seeds, and plants and cover basic tools maintenance as and when required.


Where can people go to find out more about Friends of Ten Acres?


 Stephanie Bale, Treasurer



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