Freewheelin Dance Group

‘They’re getting seen for the people that they are.’

Freewheelin Dance Group is Birmingham’s first, and only, wheelchair dance class, providing the opportunity for those with mobility restrictions the opportunity to express themselves through dance.

What is Freewheelin Dance Group?

Whilst working as a freelance dance instructor, Freewheelin Dance Group founder, Helen, noticed that there was a significant lack of dance opportunities for those in wheelchairs or with mobility restrictions, so she aimed to bridge that gap by training in wheelchair dance and setting up Birmingham’s first, and only, wheelchair based dance class!

Whilst classes are catered to those with disabilities and health conditions that affect mobility, classes are open to anyone, with all styles from ballet to ballroom being taught!

As well as the physical benefits that Freewheelin Dance Group is able to give its service users, the classes provide a place for users to meet new people who understand what they might be going through, encouraging good mental health and improving confidence and self esteem.

Freewheelin Dance Group has performed at a number of local, and national, events including Birmingham’s International Dance Festival, the Commonwealth Games Handover and won four gold medals, two silver and a special achievement trophy at the Para Dance National Competition in 2018.

What will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Freewheelin has received messages from parents of disabled children as their children aren’t able to attend mainstream dance classes, as they often don’t have the resource or expertise to support someone in a wheelchair.

The classes are currently catered to adults, with one girl who was desperate to join the classes, dreaming of being a ballerina! Freewheelin would love to set up a children’s class, helping them to meet new people, as well as learn a new skill and keep fit. They will also have opportunities to perform in local and national dance shows, as well as competitions.

£2,000 funding would cover the cost of hall hire for 100 weekly classes for children.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Freewheelin Dance Group?

Helen Mason, Dance Teacher

Tel: 07817 372 578


You can find out more about Freewheelin Dance Group  via their website. You can also follow Freewheelin Dance Group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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