Federation of Birmingham Ex-Service Association (FBESA)

‘They gave their lives willingly and we can’t forget the contribution they made.’

The Federation of Birmingham Ex-Service Association started in 1951 for ex-servicemen and women coming out of the services after World War II. Many needed something to replace the comradeship and social life they experienced while they served, and the Federation continue to provide this support for Birmingham ex-servicemen and women today.

Who are the Federation of Birmingham Ex-Service Association?

FBESA enables ex-servicemen and women, war widows and many others, to come together, support one another and talk about their experiences with people who understand. They bring together everyone from all service associations such as the Army, Navy and Air Force, so that they can parade together, socialise together and keep the comradeship going that they experienced whilst serving.

The Federation currently has over 200 members and always encourage new people to come along, particularly young soldiers who may not know about them. FBESA get together each and every month for their members to socialise and look after each other. The organisation also makes it much easier for its members to find out when parades are taking place and access these. They perform at parades themselves and also offer wholehearted support to the Remembrance Day Parade, a time when everyone remembers those who fell during their service.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

11th November 2018 marks 100 years since the end of World War I. FBESA will hold a memorial event to commemorate the loss of so many lives during the war, and the effect this had on the families of soldiers, and Birmingham as a city.

Veterans attending events like these have to pay for their own meal and donate raffle prizes. They also fundraise by doing bucket collections but, as many are elderly, this puts a lot of pressure on them and can be very tiring.

£2,000 would cover the costs of each veteran’s meal, the venue and entertainment to make this event even better, and a more significant way to mark 100 years.

This milestone will only take place once, so FBESA want to make sure it’s a landmark event for them. Through the event, the Federation hope to raise their profile and encourage more people, particularly young soldiers, to join their organisation. Most importantly, however, they want to remember what took place 100 years ago and commemorate those who gave their lives .

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about the Federation of Birmingham Ex-Service Association?

John Dolphin, Chairman

Tel: 0121 241 3112

Email: johndolphin48@hotmail.com

Find out more about the Federation of Birmingham Ex-Service Association via their website.

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