Fat Fluffs

Fat Fluffs

“We rescue rabbits that need a home to go to”


Fat Fluffs is a rescue and sanctuary based at Hampton in Arden, specialising in the care and rehoming of unwanted rabbits.

What is Fat Fluffs?

Since 2008, registered charity Fat Fluffs, has rescued bunnies from far and wide and looks to find them loving forever homes.  

The centre offers a safe place for the bunnies to recuperate before finding them loving forever homes. For those with more challenging personalities or long-term health problems, Fat Fluffs provides a sanctuary where they can stay as part of the family.

Based in greater Birmingham, each rabbit that comes into their care is neutered, vaccinated and ensured that they’re well enough to be rehomed.  Rabbits that are unable to be rehomed due to continuing health problems or challenging personalities, stay under the care of Fat Fluffs as part of the family. Fat Fluffs love all their bunnies and do not believe in putting any rabbit to sleep while they can still have a quality of life.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

The funding would help to pay for ongoing vet bills, and for the neutering and vaccinating of animals that Fat Fluffs take in.  They will also ensure that the vet bills for the long term rabbit residents, that cannot be rehomed due to ongoing health issues are firmly met.

£2,000 funding would enable Fat Fluffs to neuter and vaccinate 20 bunnies, ensuring they’re ready for their forever homes, plus contributing to ongoing vet bills. 

Where can people go to find out more about Fat Fluffs?

Chloe Hennigan

Tel: 07737 218 035

Email team@fatfluffs.com

You can find out more about Fat Fluffs via their website. You can also follow Fat Fluffs on Facebook and Twitter.

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