Eloquent Praise & Empowerment Dance Company

‘It empowers them to bring out the best versions of themselves.’

Eloquent Praise & Empowerment Dance Company teaches all styles of dance to children in Birmingham but also provides additional support to build confidence, self esteem and help young people overcome personal challenges and develop as individuals.

What is Eloquent Praise & Empowerment Dance Company?

Eloquent Praise began in 2014 when the founders realised that there was a serious lack of youth organisations and performing arts centres in Birmingham.

Originally, the organisation started as just as a dance school but they soon began to notice that young people were coming to dance class and offloading their personal issues from both home and school, so decided to include ‘Empowerment’ in their name and provide additional support. Eloquent Empowerment helps to build confidence, instill self esteem, and provide a safe space to express and heal.

The dance company allows young people to grow and develop within the creative arts, whilst also providing the support systems to allow them to blossom into the best possible person they can be.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

In order to equip young people with the knowledge of how to overcome mental health issues, peer pressure, bullying, gang violence, negative relationships and much more, the dance company will run workshops with guest speakers, teachers and inspirational people to educate about the issues that many children can face. 

The group will then relay this knowledge through the creative arts – dance, drama and song, empowering them in a different way and equipping them with both physical and mental resilience. 

The funding will be used to put on the empowerment mentoring sessions for people in the community, making them free and accessible to all.

Where can people go to find out more about Eloquent Praise & Empowerment Dance Company?

Romanah Malcolm, Director

Tel: 07939 029 520

Email: eloquentpraisedance@gmail.com

You can find out more about Eloquent Praise & Empowerment Dance Company via their website. You can also follow Eloquent Praise & Empowerment Dance Company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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