Elim Life Church

Elim Life Church has been in existence since approximately 1930 but, more recently, has become a charity in its own right, serving the local community.

What is Elim Life Church?

The church has been working in North Birmingham for a number of decades and seeks to help all generations in our community. The community  benefits from activities organised by the leadership of the church, together with many volunteers who want to care for those living in the locality of the church. Several of the activities offered involve elderly people as a need was identified in the community due to them often feeling lonely and isolated. They sometimes don’t eat well as many do not want to ‘cook for one’. They were looking for ways to connect and make friends so Elim Life Church started the below projects:

  • Oasis – a friendly place where over 55’s can enjoy a three course meal on a weekly basis.

Oasis began approximately a decade ago to be a place of encouragement and support for local elderly people. It aims to not only provide a great three course meal, but throughout the year arranges extra trips and activities for the elderly, including a seniors holiday. Unfortunately, isolation amongst elderly people is quite common, and they are often afraid to go out alone or in the dark. Elim Life Church runs a minibus service so that they are able to get out and about.

  • Needles and Pins – a craft based group aimed at befriending lonely, local, elderly people and developing their skills.

Needles and Pins began approximately three years ago when a member of the congregation came to the leadership as she was concerned about the growing number of lonely elderly people in the community. With a small group of willing volunteers, they began Needles and Pins which takes place weekly. Soon, this group grew and they now have people across North Birmingham who look forward to this as the highlight of their week. They make items that are donated or sold to provide funds for other charities, both home and abroad.

  • Oasis Express – this is an extra luncheon held in Wyrley Birch. It exists to provide good quality food and an opportunity to make friends for those in their mature years. Wyrley Birch is an area where Elim Life Church encourages people to connect with one another, as many of the services in this area have disappeared.

Oasis Express began approximately four years ago when the needs of the Wyrley Birch Estate were made known to the leadership. Every year, they give out gifts from Santa with his sleigh. A pastor from Elim Church knocked on the door of an elderly gentleman’s house to give him a box of chocolates for Christmas, and he shared his story of loneliness and concern in his later years. This, and other conversations like it, prompted Elim Life Church to start Oasis Express which also takes place every week.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

If successful, Elim Life Church will use the funding to put money into all of its projects that help the elderly. They would like to buy a new sewing machine for the Needles and Pins group, and put money aside for transport costs for the Oasis group’s holiday away.

Elim Life Church would like to continue to develop projects for elderly people. They are hoping to start a new support group for the elderly on a monthly basis to signpost and support local senior citizens, so some of the funding would go towards the cost of setting this up. The funding will be used to buy food, knitting wool, patterns and other necessary items to use in all of these projects.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about Elim Life Church?

Mary Morrison, Operations Manager

Tel: 0121 350 9650

Email: m.morrison@elimlifechurch.co.uk

You can find out more about Elim Life Church via their website. You can follow Elim Life Church on Facebook and Twitter.

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