‘Demonstrate their abilities, not their limitations, and change perspectives.’

ecobirmingham’s mission to support Birmingham in making the transition towards a low-carbon and sustainable lifestyle. By inspiring and supporting communities across Birmingham to take positive action, they want to demonstrate that building low carbon communities brings benefits, opportunities and well-being to everyone, whilst protecting our environment. ecobirmingham runs a variety of programmes to help people gain a variety of skills and raise awareness of local issues.

What is ecobirmingham?

Northfield Ecocentre started as a project of Central England Quakers in 2009 but became an independent charity in July 2018, ecobirmingham, in order to grow their work across the city. Through their projects, the organisation aims to give people the tools to take positive action, and help others do the same. ecobirmingham works to deliver projects that are relevant to people who live in the city and tackle air pollution, plastic waste, food poverty and fuel poverty. It is also home to Cycle South Brum, their cycling initiative.

Cycle South Brum provides cycling tuition for people of all ages, and works to increase the confidence of people learning to cycle so they are encouraged to cycle more. In addition to cycling tuition, the project organises bike rides where all abilities can participate, promoting good health in Birmingham and encouraging those who may be isolated to socialise with others in their local community.

Cycle South Brum also works to ensure that their programme is inclusive for children with a variety of disabilities that affect balance and coordination, such as autism, aspergers, dyspraxia or hypermobility. By providing special ‘Isla Bikes’ that are very light and maeuverable, together with one to one cycling lessons, ecobirmingham helps children with additional needs to gain a new skill that they may not otherwise have access to.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

So far, ecobirmingham’s Cycle South Brum project has been able to teach 30 people with additional needs to cycle, but there is a huge demand and a long waiting list due to the organisation’s current lack of resource.

The funding from LoveBrum would enable ecobirmingham to purchase two new Isla bikes, which are the best for teaching children with additional needs, as well as covering the cost of more staff to devote to the running of the project, ensuring that as many people as possible have access cycling tuition.

Cost of project


Where can people go to find out more about ecobirmingham?

Annabel Clarke, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Tel: 0121 448 0119


You can find out more about ecobirmingham via their website. You can also follow ecobirmingham on Twitter and Instagram.

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