‘We’re able to give these youngsters a quality of life that other people take for granted.’

DiscoInclusive brings adults with impairments and/or disabilities together in the community to help combat issues with health, well-being and social isolation in an environment that wouldn’t normally be accessible.

What is DiscoInclusive?

DiscoInclusive began in 2018 when founder, Sharon, moved back to Birmingham from Brighton with her 26 year old son and began looking for opportunities in the evenings where he could fulfil his passion of music, dancing and DJing. Sadly, there was nothing that could cater for his additional needs and, after speaking to local organisations, day services and other parents, the gap in open and inclusive social events became very clear.

DiscoInclusive hosts a disco each month with a growing number of attendees each time! There is a real need for social events and meaningful activities for adults with special needs, especially evening events which there is a particular lack of. There is currently no provision to support young adults who have left college and are, therefore, particularly vulnerable to isolation as the contacts and friendships can fall away after leaving.

The events have seen guests growing in confidence and making new friends. Guests include adults with autism, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities but also their carers, providing an opportunity for them to have fun and relax together too.

If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

Up until now, the events have been paid for from personal funds so £2,000 would allow DiscoInclusive to host another year of discos and cover the costs of venue hire, decorations, DJs, advertising and travel costs. 

DiscoInclusive also has several dedicated volunteers who support each month but, at the moment, there is no funding to cover the cost of their expenses. Funding from LoveBrum would allow them to support their volunteers.

Where can people go to find out more about DiscoInclusive?

Sharon Smith & Graham Price, Founders

You can find out more about DiscoInclusive and follow them on Facebook.

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