Community Children Count

“The future of our Community is in the hands of our Children”

Community Children Count strongly believe the future is in the hands of our little ones. They believe giving each child no matter their needs and disadvantages, equal opportunities is the key to creating their bright future.


Who are Community Children Count?

Community Children Count, based in Tamworth, tries to bridge the gap between lower income families, children with learning difficulties, mental health issues and children who have struggles at home by providing free opportunities, creating equal opportunities for all and a safe environment and community family for children to flourish. They do this by  providing free education, events, activities and trips for  children who are underprivileged or children born at a disadvantage.  Children, Young people and families use their services for free, and have free meals at each event helping with food poverty.  In return, they get involved in community clean ups, litter picking and doing random acts of kindness in their community to say thank you for the opportunities.

Community Children Count provides free first aid courses,  climate change events, community fun days, family trips to the seaside, community Sunday lunches, a preloved swap shop for clothes and so much more.

They have created an equal opportunity, fully inclusive community family –  everyone is the same and their differences aren’t what define them. Their  main aims are to help families struggling financially but without this affecting and being obvious to children and affecting their self worth. They want to provide equal opportunities for all children and young people no matter the disability or circumstances so each child gets an equal playing field with fully inclusive opportunities. 


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

£2000 funding will provide Community Children Count with the opportunity to provide meals for all children coming to events or projects, especially over the Summer Holidays, as well as provide resources for Sports and Crafts sessions.


Where can people go to find out more about Community Children Count? 

Hannah Nicholls, Chair Woman.

Tel: 07984260942

Facebook: @CommunityChildrenCountTamworth


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