Club Tropicana (Lil’s Parlour)

In this area, there is the highest amount of free school dinners across the UK, and I wanted to help”

Lil’s Parlour, where the Club Tropicana project is based, was founded in 2015 by owner Lucy Scott, and works to provide free Ice Cream and sweet treats to Children and Young Adults who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

What is Club Tropicana?

When Lucy opened her shop, she was conscious that it was an area with lots of underprivileged Children whose parents might struggle to afford ice Cream or Sweet treat for them, and the idea behind Club Tropicana was formed! The idea stemmed from her own Childhood holidays in Weston-Super-Mare where she would ask her parents to take her to the Tropicana pool and fair, unaware that her family didn’t have the money to get in .Lucy is very aware of some of the disadvantages that Children and families are facing, and desperately wanted to reach out and help the community – it isn’t the Children’s fault that they are at disadvantage for whatever reason, and so the project was set up, if she can provide a child with a nice treat, then that is what she wants to do!  The recent pandemic highlighted this need even more, and when she was able to reopen her shop, she would often hear Children begging their families to let them go inside, and would hear the same things whispered to these children that she herself had heard as a Child. Lucy created the idea that she would create a password, that can be accessed via Lil’s Parlour’s Facebook page, and these Families would be able to then come into the Shop, and choose an Ice Cream of their choice – there is no monetary value to the Vouchers, and it is a not for profit campaign for her.  The idea has been welcomed by the local community and a Go fund me project was created as well, because so many people wanted to support her great initiative.  For example, a £1 donation will supply a Child with one Ice Cream, regardless of its cost.  


If successful, what will you use your LoveBrum funding for?

If Lucy were to be the recipient of the £2000, this would all be ploughed into the Club Tropicana project and the expansion of its success, enabling the Children and Families in need to be able to continue to receive the free ice cream treats.  The money and project is completely separate from the shop itself, and will be ploughed into the ingredients etc needed to carry on making the project successful.


Where can people go to find out more about Club Tropicana?

Lucy Scott, Founder and Owner.


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