Christmas: the gift of giving

As 2016 draws to a close, we’re approaching one of the most magical times of the year, Christmas. The Bailey’s hot chocolate is flowing, kitchens are covered in a film of icing sugar after dusting the mince pies and everyone is still grimacing from the game of Trivial Pursuit that got a little too competitive. By now we’ve all learnt that there’s no such thing as the perfect Hollywood style Christmas, but one thing is for sure; Christmas is a celebration of love and being grateful for everything you have in your life.

Christmas is also synonymous with giving, and is arguably a commemoration of the beautiful things and people that we so often take for granted in life. Every year major conglomerates and corporations release highly anticipated Christmas adverts that raise awareness of charities and issues that are prevalent within the UK (#Bustertheboxer). Charity balls, fayres and tombolas take place, with money and love being given to others. It doesn’t matter how much you give, as long as you’ve put some love into it, and our lovely supporters have given us some great ideas and suggestions on Facebook.

Managing Director of Women Who and Co Founder of #thenewnarrative, Justice Williams, will be giving 10 low-income families a high quality Christmas hamper this festive season, so that they can enjoy Christmas and spend a moment or two without worry.

Sharon Coates is sponsoring Birmingham City v Brighton and giving a family of 4 a VIP experience in the Jasper Carrott Suite, so that they can have an experience of a lifetime. They are also supporting the local community, and rewarding the child with the best school attendance record to be a mascot for the day.

Jean Lyndon Smith will be making up a hamper to be raffled for Angels Small Paws dog rescue, and some beautiful bracelets for them to auction on their page.

These ladies are doing some amazing things this Christmas, and they’re not the only ones throwing their kindness around like confetti! The Birmingham Association of Bartenders (BAB) and cocktail bar and eatery, The Bureau teamed up to host a raffle and fundraiser for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. From a meal for two to a magnum of rum, the pubs, clubs, bars and entertainment venues across Birmingham showed that a little goes a long way, and donated something to the cause. There were over 50 prizes to win, and the event gave everyone a warm feeling inside (this may have been the rum). The event kicked off on a quiet Sunday afternoon at the beginning of November, and over £900 was raised and given to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Another reason we Love Brum is due to the Birmingham Frankfurt Market, and it is not just because of the German beer (although that does have a lot to do with it). Every year stallholders donate their food to charities such as St. Basils, Bethany Pentecostal Church, YMCA, Start Again and much more. They also give their loose change and shrapnel to local charities, proving to everyone that no one has ever become poor by giving.

If you want to do something for others this Christmas, then why not volunteer or become a member of LoveBrum? Help us support local communities and bring out the very best of Birmingham, by giving something back to the community. Make your Christmas charitable today!


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